Greenwood Union Cemetery

215 North Street
Rye, NY 10580

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Memorial Garden 


The Memorial Garden is now completed. Crypts and niches are available for purchase.  Please call the cemetery office for more information or to make an appointment.


Grave sales are still available in an older section of the cemetery.

Prices start at $4,750.00. Please contact the office for complete pricing and regulations.



Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What Costs are Involved in Planning a Burial? There are two costs: (1) The cost of the lot or grave (lots have more than one grave). (2) The interment or "opening" charge - the cost of the men and equipment to make the interment (open the grave, make the burial, close the grave and do the follow-up work).

  2. How much do lots cost? Graves start at $3,500.00 for a single grave.  More options are available. Ask for the price list.

  3. Can I buy on a time payment plan? Payments may be made in the following manner. 10% down at the time of purchase and the full balance must be paid within 12 months. The space used must be paid for at the time of interment and the lot must be fully paid for before a permanent marker or monument may be placed.

  4. Is it wise to buy ahead of time? Yes, it is. A time of great emotional distress is a poor time to make any major decision. Also you may save money by buying ahead of time.

  5. Do your graves and lots have perpetual care? Yes, 15% of the cost of every grave or lot is placed in a trust fund and the income is applied to the cost of maintaining the lot and the cemetery grounds -- roads, plowing snow, raking leaves etc.

  6. Can two burials be made in the same grave? In certain sections of the cemetery it is possible to have two burials in the same grave.

  7. What is your interment charge? At present, $1,435.00 for most burials; $1,755.00 for extra depth interments, Monday thru Friday. There are extra costs if the interment is on a Saturday morning due to extra costs to the cemetery.  This charge includes labor, equipment, earth cover.

  8. Is cremation less expensive than regular ground burial? Yes, because everything is on a smaller scale; cremation lots can be smaller and there is less labor required.

  9. Do you require the use of a concrete vault or liner? In the double depth portion of Overlook Acre, a concrete vault is required for the first interment in the grave.

  10. How do I arrange for a vault? Through the funeral director.

  11. Where do I buy a monument or a marker? From a monument company. Consult the yellow pages in the telephone book or ask us for  several names. It is wise to obtain sketches and firm prices from several companies. The size of memorials is regulated by the cemetery to protect lot owners and depends  upon the size of the lot, its location and other factors.

  12. What is a foundation for a monument or marker? It is a column of concrete the same size as the memorial base which extends down 5-6 feet into the ground and holds the memorial straight and true over the years. The cemetery builds the foundation and its cost is included in the monument company's price.

  13.   What type of grave decoration is permitted? Fresh cut flowers, potted plants at any time, wreaths and evergreen boughs in wintertime.

  14.   Does the cemetery permit permanent planting? Yes, on 2-grave and larger lots in older areas. No planting is permitted on a Single Grave, and will be removed without notice.

  15.   How is the cost of permanent planting handled? We give you in advance a cost estimate of the plants topsoil, fertilizer, labor, etc. for approval before doing the planting.

  16. Is gardening care of permanent planting necessary? Yes, all planting needs care or it becomes overgrown and unsightly. We give you, in advance,  an estimate of the cost on an annual basis, which usually is $40.00-$50.00. Families may care for their own planting but most find this difficult and inconvenient. Special gardening care of planting is not covered by the 15% deduction for permanent maintenance (Please see #5).

  17. May I set up a small trust fund to pay the cost of gardening care of permanent planting? Yes, this is an excellent way to provide for this care.  Almost 1,000 families have set up small  trust funds from $2,500.00 to several thousand dollars. These are called "PC Funds" (Permanent Care). Any excess of income over expenses goes to the benefit of that lot and it is not used for any other purpose.

  18.   What is "annual care"? Lots purchased between 1855 and 1911 had no money set aside for maintenance and so  Annual Care must be billed on these old lots. There are PC Funds for some of these old lots.

  19.   What is "extra work"? "Extra work" includes special gardening care of permanent planting; washing memorials,  special lawn care; pruning or removal of trees and shrubs; resodding; repairing depressions in  the lot, etc. 
  20.   Is this a non-sectarian cemetery? Yes, people of all faiths purchase lots here.

  21.   Is the cemetery a profit-making corporation? No, cemeteries in New York State are not for profit corporations.  Any surplus at year-end benefits cemetery operations.
  22. If we buy a lot and later move to another area, such as Florida, may we sell the lot? If there are not burials in the lot, the law permits sale of the lot; if there are burials, the lot may not be sold. The cemetery does not buy back lots, we do however have a list of instructions telling how to sell a lot. Most people who were born or lived in this area prefer to be interred here; their remains are returned for burial. A lot owner may also designate relatives or friends  to use the lot, if space permits.