Greenwood Union Cemetery

215 North Street
Rye, NY 10580

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Memorial Garden 


The Memorial Garden is now completed. Crypts and niches are available for purchase.  Please call the cemetery office for more information or to make an appointment.


Grave sales are still available in an older section of the cemetery.

Prices start at $4,750.00. Please contact the office for complete pricing and regulations.



Regulations for Planting and Decorations

Since cemetery lots are small units, simplicity of planting is essential.

  1. All planting must be approved by the cemetery management before the work is done. The cemetery reserves the right to remove any planting done by lot owners which does not comply with cemetery regulations.

  2. No permanent planting of any kind is permitted on SINGLE GRAVES which are marked by a flush lawn marker 20" by 10" in dimensions at the head of the grave. Also no planting is allowed in new Overlook area.

  3. On standard two-grave lots less than 10 feet in width, marked by a double marker 3 feet by 1 foot in base dimensions and 4" inches in height at the head of the lot, planting is confined to a planting bed surrounding the marker no more than 6 inches in width at the rear of the marker and 9 inches in width at the sides and in front of the marker.  Planting on two-grave lots is limited to a low border around the marker; no upright shrubs are permitted.

  4. On lots 10 feet wide or larger, planting is limited to an arrangement at the headstone or monument.  Dwarf evergreens may be used at the sides of the monument and a planting bed no more than 9 inches in width may be made in front of the monument.  If planting is done at the rear of the monument, the planting bed should be no more than 6 inches in width, and such planting should be confined to low border plants so as not to interfere with routine maintenance work of the cemetery's groundskeepers.  Planting at the sides of the monument must not extend closer than 2 feet to the side boundaries of the lot.

  5. Trees and shrubs growing on the lot before it is acquired remain under the control of the cemetery, and may not be cut down or disturbed without the approval of the cemetery management.

  6. If planting interferes with adjacent lots, becomes unsightly because of growth, disease, etc., or does not conform to cemetery regulations, the cemetery may provide care at a reasonable charge to the lot owner, or may remove the planting if conditions warrant.

  7. Adequate provision for special gardening care of planting on an annual basis is essential.  The most satisfactory arrangement is to have the cemetery's groundskeepers do the work.  The modest cost may be paid annually, or you may establish a small trust fund, the income from which pays for the annual care.  Upon request, we shall be glad to give you the size of the trust fund needed in your case.

  8. Approved decorations are: fresh flowers in non-breakable holders designed for outdoor use, potted plants and winter evergreens. Please do not use tin cans, glass jars or glass vases.

  9. Only one American flag may be placed on each plot.

  10. Artificial flowers, plants, statues, glass, plastic pieces or balloons etc. are not permitted. They will be removed by the cemetery staff.

The cemetery is open to the public and thousands of people visit every year.  While we make every effort to protect decorations, we regret that we cannot assume responsibility for protecting them from damage or disappearance.