Greenwood Union Cemetery

215 North Street
Rye, NY 10580

Phone: 914-967-0095
FAX: 914-967-3386

Email:  info@greenwoodunion.org

Latest  News  

The water on the cemetery grounds will be turned off on November 1, 2017. 

Please note that the cemetery office will be CLOSED on Friday Nov. 10, 2017 for Veteran's Day. NO BURIALS.  The office will be open on Saturday Nov. 11, 2017 from 9am-12noon.

Grave sales are now available in an older section of the cemetery.

Prices start at $4,750.00. Please contact the office for complete pricing and regulations.

Proposed Memorial Garden

Greenwood Union has plans underway for construction of a beautiful Memorial Garden. See the proposal here.

Single-Depth Plots and Graves



Two-Grave Lots

Restricted to 3'x1'. Double marker and low border planting; No shrubs permitted.






Upright monument 3' x 1' x 3' high permitted. No planting.



Three-Grave Lots

Upright monument up to 4' maximum width with small shrubs.




**1,2, 3 and 4 grave lots

Upright monument with special regulations.  Please see below.

A( Older part of cemetery)

Starting at


Single Graves

Restricted to 20" x 10' flush lawn marker; No planting permitted.





Cremation Graves   $1,750.00
Child or Infant Grave   $1,750.00


Prices of larger standard lots are calculated at $3,500.00 per grave.

Prices of larger, non-standard lots vary by location in the cemetery. These prices will be quoted on request. Square foot price is $105.00 per square foot.


**Section A Graves

Burials will be single depth.

The monuments must be some shade of gray in color and traditional in shape.

Maximum overall height of the monument is 4 feet.

Single grave would be a 2’ base.

Double grave lot would be a 3’ base.

Three grave lot would be a 4’ base.

Four grave lot would be a 5’ base. 

No plantings of any type or bushes allowed.

A permanent vase will be provided by the cemetery for fresh flowers.

No artificial items or borders of any sort will be allowed on grave.

All monuments and inscriptions must be approved by the cemetery management.


Prices Effective January 1, 2016: 

 Single Grave $4,750.00
 Double Grave Lot $9,500.00
 Triple Grave Lot $14,250.00
 Four Grave lot  $19,000.00

All purchase agreements must be signed by the purchaser and cemetery representative.

All monument and planting regulations will be included on the deed.